Directed by Léonard Accorsi (class 2017)


Graduation film, Sound department


Mathieu and Micka wander around Francardu, their village, as they always do during the holidays, filled with football matches and walks in the scrubland. That is, until the day the teenagers stumble across a fugitive. Mathieu secretly decides to help him.


Script : Léonard Accorsi, Marlène Poste
Production : Arnaud Bruttin
Director of photography : Alexandra de Saint Blanquat
Cameraman : Alexandra de Saint Blanquat
Sound engineering : Lucas Doméjean
Production design : France Gayraud
Continuity : Noëllie Maugard
Image editing : Margot Dumont
Sound editing : Thomas Brzustowksi, Léonard Accorsi
Sound Mix : Léonard Accorsi, Grégoire Chauvot
Film directing assistant : Miliana Perrier


Duration : 22’05
Genre : Fiction
Shooting format : HD
Screening format : DCP, 2.39, color


•Hors compétition, Festival de Lama 2018 (France)
•Compétition internationale courts métrages, Festival “Les Nuits Med 2018”, Corte, Furiani, Paris et Ajaccio