SACRe PhD programme (PSL)

The SACRe (Science, Art, Creation and Research) art doctoral programme was put in place by PSL Research University based in Paris (@|LIENe0521ef|W1BTTC0+aHR0cDovL3d3dy51bml2LXBzbC5mci9kZWZhdWx0L0VOL2FsbC9wc2xfZnIvaW5kZXguaHRtXQ==|@). This PhD programme brings together La Fémis, ENSAD (the National Graduate School for Decorative Arts), ENSBA (the National Graduate School for Fine Arts), the CNSMDP (the National Academy of Dance and Music of Paris), the CNSAD (National Academy of the Dramatic Arts) and the ENS (École normale supérieure).

The ambition of SACRe - and what distinguishes its approach from existing doctoral programmes - is to develop new fields of research through artistic practices, which it accomplishes by exploring the interfaces between different art forms, as well as between art and science (exact sciences as well as human and social sciences).

The teaching includes a common core syllabus followed by all SACRe PhD students from various artistic disciplines or exact, human and social sciences, plus a programme specific to each school.

This programme is aimed at any student wishing to obtain an art PhD in the area of film studies holding a Master’s degree.

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