Trainings for foreigners

Exam for foreigners and Summer University

Higher Education

Applicants who are members of the European Union can enter La Fémis through the general competitive exam.

The international exam is only for non-European Union citizens, and enables students to join the main four-year curriculum. The international exam takes place every year from December (application) to early July (publication of the list of candidates).

Students accepted through the international exam need to pay annual school fees, amounting to 8000 €.

When the successful candidate (or a third party, e.g. an embassy, family member or private company) takes on this financial responsibility, it has to be renewed every year and must come with a financial warrantee at the beginning of the academic year, in the form of a bank transfer.

Accommodation expenses are payable by the candidate.

Mastery of the French language is compulsory. The exam, as well as the general school curriculum, is in French.

For more information, read the complete registration information in French.

The Summer university

The Summer University is a two-month program organized by La Fémis with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It gathers 15 young professionals from around the world and teaches them to use the tools for documentary filmmaking.

Important: a fluent knowledge of French is compulsory.

For more information, read the registration conditions for this training program.